About us

Sence Research is an independent scientific analytical company in epidemiology (outcomes research). Our team consists of epidemiologists, physicians, pharmacists and health economists, with active academic research. We are at the scientific frontline of comparative effectiveness research, have developed a novel pharmacoepidemiological model, and are devoted to continuous methodological improvement. Our aim is to bring sound scientific methods, transparency, accountability and timeliness to the post-marketing dialogue between pharmaceutical authorities and companies.

Our mission

To provide transparent and timely real-world evidence for accelerated advancement of healthcare

Our principles

  • We subscribe to the hypothetico-deductive model, and always test pre-specified hypotheses
  • We fully disclose the methods used, and publish all results specified in the study protocols
  • We take a lead in the development of methods and models for comparative effectiveness research

The SENCE model

Sence has developed and validated a ”Sequentially Evaluated Nonrandomised Comparative Effectiveness (SENCE) model for continuous monitoring and follow-up of new treatments. The SENCE model can utilize data from electronic health records (EHR) and other complex data sources and is built to and analyse data continuously, as soon as new information is generated in the clinical data sources.

Real-Time Monitoring

The SENCE model

Our leadership

Thomas Cars, MSc, PhD
Founder & CEO

Thomas Cars is a pharmacist and holds a PhD in pharmacoepidemiology from Uppsala University. His research is focused on methods and models for comparative effectiveness research mainly using data from electronic health records.

Selected publications:

  • Effectiveness of Drugs in Routine Care: A Model for Sequential Monitoring of New Medicines Using Dronedarone as Example. Clinical Pharmacology&Therapeutics. Link
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Healthcare Interventions in Routine Care: Effectiveness and Safety of Newly Introduced Medicines. Thesis. Link
  • Extraction of electronic health record data in a hospital setting: comparison of automatic and semi-automatic methods using anti-TNF therapy as model. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. Link

Johan Sundström, MD, PhD
Founder & Senior advisor

Johan Sundström has a background in cohort epidemiology, evidence-based medicine methodology, and clinical trials. His experience includes fellowships at the Framingham Heart Study, MA, USA, and the George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, Australia. He currently holds a professorship in epidemiology at Uppsala University.